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LocustReign #1

This project is my latest creation. It is a 2D side scrolling RPG set in the Dark Horse, Dead City universe. And that is as much as I can tell you.

Not because it is a secret project and derp derp but because I didn’t have figured out exactly  what this will be yet. I started designing the gameplay two weeks ago, and I tested a lot of ideas, mainly for the battle system but I’m not completely satisfied.

For now I’m on a turn by turn card based system, I’m currently prototyping on Unity3D and the new UI system is greatly helping me. It was so much pain before! Thank you unity guys!


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Working with goblins

« Styx : Master of Shadows, a 3d infiltration action game set in the medieval fantasy world. You play as Styx a small and stealthy goblin, who has to discover the truth and steal a whole lot of gold on his way. »

I was part of the team who developed this game as a gameplay developer. The team was relatively small, we where five developers at most. Thanks to that I had a lot of work. My main task was to implement gameplay mechanics following the game design documents. Do you see the clone hiding in a chest and jumping on the guard at the end? That is my job here 😀

At this time the game was on the unreal engine 3. And it was not as user friendly as the fourth version of the engine. I had to go through the already massive code of the unreal engine in order to understand how does everything works, put my code in there (preferably in the right place), and hope it all works well!

Hopefully the team was really nice and easy to work with! Thanks a lot guys!

GameDesign, GameDev, Programming, Unity3D

Dark Horse, Dead city (Tactical Edition)


January 2014 – march 2014
Team : Solo project
Tool : Unity3D, C#
My role : Everything

This project with the overly long and frightening name is a prototype for a tactical game. As the name implies, this game is part of the Dark Horse, Dead City universe.

For this game I wanted to focus on the interaction between the characters. The main features was the spell combination. If a mage launch a fireball at an enemy and a warrior is near this enemy, the warrior would use the fireball to boost his attack. Unfortunately I couldn’t implement everything, but I keep those ideas for latter use 😀

This is a rough prototype, so it is not really playable, (to quit, you have to alt + f4 your way out ^^’) but if you are curious, there it is.

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Mars 2014
: Solo project
Duration : 2 weeks
Tool : Unity3D, C#
My role : Everything, except the creation of the art and music assets

This one is a very small project I made in two weeks. I gave myself one week to design the game and one to implement it. The result turned kind of silly… I guess that is to be expected when you have cow in space as a theme.

You can also download this one here. Extract the archive somewhere and launch Cowarden.

You play as a space station, and evil space cows attack you from all sides! Defend yourself!

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January 2012 – january 2014
Team : 13 member from EPITECH and 4 additional artists.
Tools : Unity3D, C#
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer,  game designer.

My biggest project yet. Two years long, more than 13 team members. Dispersed all over the world.  Animate was my end-of-study project. It aims to be an artificial intelligence engine. This project can be separated in two parts : The server side. Developed in C++, it’s handling the artificial intelligence and sending over the network informations to the  » graphical side » which is a client made with Unity3D. The client is only in charge of the display and taking the user’s input. With this separation, the idea was to reduce the pressure on the client side.

I worked on this project in the « graphical team », I was in charge of implementing game mechanisms in Unity3D in C# (moving, eating, etc….) I worked with a professional animator in order to implement the animation of our creatures in Unity3D.

Another part of my job was to create the « world » in which our creatures lived.

This project was really hard and stressful, with a lot of research involved. But, in the end it was a really valuable experience. And we even won the first prize of the Epitech Innovative Project 2014. Yay.

GameDesign, GameDev, LevelDesign, Programming, Unity3D


January 2013 – june 2013
Team : 4 members
Tools : Unity3D, C#
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer, game designer, writer

Behind this not really friendly name is a 3D platformer game in which you help a capsule bot to reach the heart of the volcano without being shot down by the projectiles of chaos in order to apease the gods.
It started as an assignment. We had six month to create a game using Unity3D. The first version of the game was extremely chaotic, their was no pattern in the way the projectiles were sent. Making the game too random. So we added pattern, allowing the player to learn and memorize the path of the projectiles in order to dodge them.

I was in charge of the core rule gameplay and especially the level design. (which I liked doing, by the way)

Here  is an archive of the game, extract and click on the .exe.