About me


My name is David ROGER, I am a developer for five years now, and a gamer since a long time ago (warcraft I , alone in the dark first of his name, popoulous, dungeon keeper, ah souvenirs…)

I started working on game projects on my own as soon as I learned C++, . Now I’m mostly using game engines such as Unity3D or Unreal Engine. The part I enjoy the most in game development is the design part and the following conception. Nothing beat a elegantly arranged code. Or maybe a elegantly arranged level.

Apart from C++, I learned a whole lot of other computer related skills in EPITECH, the IT school I spent 5 years in. I also learned that working in team is akin to a Team Fortress 2 game : if the entire team cooperate and stay focused on the objective, bingo. If not, it quickly becomes a lot more harder to achieve anything. People will do things they are not supposed to do, and don’t do things they are supposed to do. That’s why team and project managment quickly became a must have. That
and self control. To not murder your teammate’s favorite teacup. With extreme brutality.

To complete my cursus, I spent one year in Korea (the south one), to learnsouthkorea_logo.png more about game development. After a lot of game projects and parties with people from all over the world, many temples and mountains visit
ed, a two week long trip in japan and a some more game projects, I went back in Paris finishing my studies and participate as an active member of the society.

cyanide_logoThen had the chance to find a place in Cyanide Studio. Where I worked on the gameplay of Styx : Master of Shadows. Awesome team, awesome game and a lot to learn and do. I admit this was the first time I ever looked closely to the credits of a game. And seeing my name appearing among the other member of the team was a huge reward.

ubisoft_logoAfter the medieval citadel of Styx, I went to the hyper connected city of
Watch_dogs. This time I didn’t directly worked on the
game, but I developed tools and managed the versionning system for the Build and Release team.

As of now I am a developer consultant for Extia. Currently developing automated test for the qualification team. It is a nice change, but I admit it a lot less fun than working on video games.

And that is all for now, I hope you will enjoy me website, and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,