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Working with goblins

« Styx : Master of Shadows, a 3d infiltration action game set in the medieval fantasy world. You play as Styx a small and stealthy goblin, who has to discover the truth and steal a whole lot of gold on his way. »

I was part of the team who developed this game as a gameplay developer. The team was relatively small, we where five developers at most. Thanks to that I had a lot of work. My main task was to implement gameplay mechanics following the game design documents. Do you see the clone hiding in a chest and jumping on the guard at the end? That is my job here 😀

At this time the game was on the unreal engine 3. And it was not as user friendly as the fourth version of the engine. I had to go through the already massive code of the unreal engine in order to understand how does everything works, put my code in there (preferably in the right place), and hope it all works well!

Hopefully the team was really nice and easy to work with! Thanks a lot guys!

EPITECH, GameDesign, GameDev, UnrealDevelopmentKit


January 2013 – june 2013
Team : 6
Tool : Unreal Development Kit, UnrealScript
My role : project manager, gameplay programmer, game designer.

One of my first « big » project. It was during my EPITECH years, as an end of year project, we created some kind of space-opera multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

The goal was to destroy the enemy’s mothership. Which could also be controled by another player. And fire big laser.

The development was hard, and in the end we had a barely working prototype, but it was interesting to work on new tools. I even made the cinematic trailer! (and gave my voice)