GameDesign, GameDev, LevelDesign, Programming, Unity3D


January 2013 – june 2013
Team : 4 members
Tools : Unity3D, C#
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer, game designer, writer

Behind this not really friendly name is a 3D platformer game in which you help a capsule bot to reach the heart of the volcano without being shot down by the projectiles of chaos in order to apease the gods.
It started as an assignment. We had six month to create a game using Unity3D. The first version of the game was extremely chaotic, their was no pattern in the way the projectiles were sent. Making the game too random. So we added pattern, allowing the player to learn and memorize the path of the projectiles in order to dodge them.

I was in charge of the core rule gameplay and especially the level design. (which I liked doing, by the way)

Here  is an archive of the game, extract and click on the .exe.


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