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Interactive Resume

JinteractiveResumeune 2013 – july 2013
Team : Solo project
Tool : Unity3D, C#
My role : Everything, except for two tracks of the music assets.

I always thought that interactive resume made in a video game form were really cool. So I made my own. Discover my journey, through two levels made with unity 3D.

Extract this archive  and launch My_Resum_beta_0_2

Enjoy 😀

EPITECH, LevelDesign, Programming, Unity3D



January 2012 – january 2014
Team : 13 member from EPITECH and 4 additional artists.
Tools : Unity3D, C#
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer,  game designer.

My biggest project yet. Two years long, more than 13 team members. Dispersed all over the world.  Animate was my end-of-study project. It aims to be an artificial intelligence engine. This project can be separated in two parts : The server side. Developed in C++, it’s handling the artificial intelligence and sending over the network informations to the  » graphical side » which is a client made with Unity3D. The client is only in charge of the display and taking the user’s input. With this separation, the idea was to reduce the pressure on the client side.

I worked on this project in the « graphical team », I was in charge of implementing game mechanisms in Unity3D in C# (moving, eating, etc….) I worked with a professional animator in order to implement the animation of our creatures in Unity3D.

Another part of my job was to create the « world » in which our creatures lived.

This project was really hard and stressful, with a lot of research involved. But, in the end it was a really valuable experience. And we even won the first prize of the Epitech Innovative Project 2014. Yay.

GameDesign, GameDev, LevelDesign, Programming, Unity3D


January 2013 – june 2013
Team : 4 members
Tools : Unity3D, C#
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer, game designer, writer

Behind this not really friendly name is a 3D platformer game in which you help a capsule bot to reach the heart of the volcano without being shot down by the projectiles of chaos in order to apease the gods.
It started as an assignment. We had six month to create a game using Unity3D. The first version of the game was extremely chaotic, their was no pattern in the way the projectiles were sent. Making the game too random. So we added pattern, allowing the player to learn and memorize the path of the projectiles in order to dodge them.

I was in charge of the core rule gameplay and especially the level design. (which I liked doing, by the way)

Here  is an archive of the game, extract and click on the .exe.