GameDesign, GameDev, Programming, Unity3D

Dark Horse, Dead city (Tactical Edition)


January 2014 – march 2014
Team : Solo project
Tool : Unity3D, C#
My role : Everything

This project with the overly long and frightening name is a prototype for a tactical game. As the name implies, this game is part of the Dark Horse, Dead City universe.

For this game I wanted to focus on the interaction between the characters. The main features was the spell combination. If a mage launch a fireball at an enemy and a warrior is near this enemy, the warrior would use the fireball to boost his attack. Unfortunately I couldn’t implement everything, but I keep those ideas for latter use 😀

This is a rough prototype, so it is not really playable, (to quit, you have to alt + f4 your way out ^^’) but if you are curious, there it is.


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