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Back to Unity3D

And this time with 2d horizontal side scrolling rpg!

Unity3D is one of my favorite game engine, mostly due to its affinity with the ECS (entity component system) thanks to the scripts.

For this project, I created a script for each capability, as opposed as a more parent-children system where a class would hold all the capability needed. For example a script which manage the health of a character, an other the movement, etc…, etc…. With each script as independant as possible. In the end, to create the player character or even the monsters, I just have to pick up in my script library the different module or system and boom! Character done!


As you can see on the screenshot, the number of scripts grows rapidly, but well, it can be perfect 🙂

Also, I still use derivation, because it is still awesome and necessary for many cases.


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