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Unreal Engine 4 FPS Shooter C++

It’s been some times I’m working with Unreal Engine 4, mostly with the blueprints however (they are so powerfull! ><).

When working on this tutorial I met some error in the documentation, so here is an article with the problem encountered and there resolution.

Unreal Training_1

The first part was rather easy, the only difficulty was the part in Changing the camera view which seems deprecated :

FirstPersonCameraComponent->AttachParent = CapsuleComponent;

This didn’t worked for me, I had to use the following line :


Once the character set up and ready, I worked on a projectile mecanism. The most difficult part was to understand and then set up correctly the colision profile for the projectile. Once done, I played a little bit around with physics and then added some health to a MobCharacter and make it go down for each hit taken.

Unreal Training_2.PNG

And I stopped there for this tutorial. Next time, I will probably work on an infiltration system.


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